Every person has the right to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to help clients and families to meet their goals, improve their lives, and find new levels of independence and fulfillment. We use best-practice, research-driven interventions and data analysis methods, and the most advanced technology for teaching (some of which we had to develop ourselves).

7 Principals We Work By

  • 1
    We focus on teaching clients skills of important social significance, ensuring that we produce the greatest meaningful change possible in the lives of our clients and those they love.

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  • 2
    Our interventions focus on the measurable and observable behaviors that a person does- these are what matter to the individual and those around them.

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  • 3
    We use scientifically based practices to understand our client’s behavior, even those behaviors that are difficult at first to understand, and to produce meaningful changes therein.

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  • 4
    Conceptually Systematic
    Our interventions are based on a research-driven framework that has proven incredibly successful over decades. Our interventions are individualized to each client.

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  • 5
    Every intervention we use can be taught to parents, caregivers, and others- and be repeated to ensure continuing success.

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  • 6
    Our interventions are continuously changed and adapted to ensure the highest level of success for the individual.

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  • 7
    We teach our clients to live life. We teach skills that can be used in different settings, with different people, and at different times.

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Behavior consultation is a problem-solving, empirically driven process in which a Behavior Analyst identifies and tracks progress on behavioral goals (whether reducing disruptive behavior or teaching new skills). They develop and implement interventions designed to bring about meaningful change on those goals. The effect of these interventions is continuously assessed through direct data they collect, and the interventions are changed or kept based on their proven success. This continues with the purpose of improving clients’ lives through goal achievement.
A behavior assessment is a process through which a Behavior Analyst identifies the specific variables that cause an individual to behave a certain way. This allows the Behavior Analyst to develop an effective treatment plan. The main components of an FBA are typically: systematic direct observation, indirect assessment (questionnaires and interviews), and functional analysis (controlled experiments to determine which variables tend to increase or decrease the behavior).
Boulder Analysts is committed to bringing long-term success to our clients. This involves not only implementing effective plans ourselves, but teaching those that live with our clients every day to implement effective strategies to ensure that adaptive behavior remains long after we have gone.

Our Providers

J.J. Tomash
J.J. Tomash, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Owner

J.J. Tomash has studied and applied Behavior Analysis for over 16 years. He spent his educational career, from his Associate’s degree through his Ph.D. at Swansea University, studying the Science of Behavior, and how it can be applied to solving real problems. He spoke at several international conferences, published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, and received research awards. Following his studies, and a brief interlude living in India, Dr. Tomash turned to the practical application of Behavior Analysis. He acquired his BCBA working with Josh Pritchard at Lodestone Academy. He has had the good fortune to work with a wide variety of individuals and needs- conducting functional analysis and assessments, designing and implementing interventions to reduce disruptive behaviors; teaching communication, social skills, and independent living skills. He has worked in virtually every setting where clients need help.
Throughout his academic and practical studies of behavior analysis, Dr. Tomash has acquired a deep respect for Behavior Analysis as a great tool to improve people’s lives. Its power goes far beyond reducing particular problem behaviors, but to finding and teaching the targeted skills that will make problem behavior unnecessary.

Nicole Da Lima Leitao, M.Sc., BCBA
Clinical Director

Growing up in India, Nicole saw first-hand the need for research-based services for those with developmental disabilities and in the field of mental health. This brought her to the UK, where she completed her M.Sc. in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. She returned to India and worked in a care center with adults with intellectual disabilities.

In 2013, Nicole moved to Orlando, FL to pursue her Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst. In Orlando, she she worked in one of the first behavior analytic schools in the area: Lodestone Academy. Here she worked with children ranging from ages of 3 – 23 years, a wide variety of behavior problems and needs, and a close-knit group of highly trained Behavior Analysts. She acquired experience developing and conducting a variety of programs, assessments and curriculum-based trainings.

Nicole’s love for the mountains, as well as her determination to bring Behavior Analysis to new areas of need, drew her to Colorado in 2015. She worked with another large company in the area until May, 2016- when she became the Clinical Director at Boulder Analysts.

Robin Johnson, M.Ed., BCBA
Behavior Analyst
Robin is Behavior Analyst at Boulder Analysts. She is a certified special education teacher and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. After completing her master’s degree at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey, she earned her certificate in behavior analysis from the University of North Texas. She has been working in education for 17 years, 11 of which have focused in the special education field. Robin has worked as a preschool teacher, a special education teacher, and as a behavior consultant for public school districts and in-home Applied Behavior Analysis programs. Her experience includes working with children and adults with cognitive, developmental, emotional, and physical disabilities in a variety of settings. Robin has a wide variety of experience within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. She has completed program evaluations; developed skill acquisition programs to teach academic areas, cognitive functioning, social skills, language and communication, and adaptive skills; provided parent training; conducted functional behavior assessments (FBA); developed Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), and provided staff training to various levels of professionals.
Ashley Kotsiris, MA, BCBA
Behavior Analyst
Ashley is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Boulder Analysts. Ashley studied behavioral science at Western Michigan University throughout her undergraduate and graduate degree, receiving her Master’s in Behavior Analysis in 2016. During her undergraduate and graduate years, Ashley gained experience serving adults in group homes with severe challenging behaviors. Ashley conducted functional behavior assessments, developed behavior plans, and conducted employee trainings on implementation of behavior plans. Additionally, Ashley worked in an intensive autism residential treatment center working with children and adolescents with challenging behaviors. Ashley is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatments to adults and children, teaching caregivers techniques to address challenging behaviors, and teaching clients functional skills to be successful in their environment.
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Dan Murphy, MA. SPED, BCBA
Behavior Analyst
Dan was born outside of Boston and moved to Denver at a young age. In undergrad, Dan discover his passion of working with individuals with disabilities while volunteering at a summer camp, Colorado Lions Camp. After 5 years working at a psychiatric hospital Dan decided he wanted to return to school so he pursued his Masters in Special Education with an Emphasis in ABA. After graduation he worked at a center specifically for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Dan decided that he wanted to work home based, as he believes training caregivers is the best way to sustain long lasting change. He describes working with individuals with disabilities as the perfect balance of challenging and rewarding. In his free time Dan likes to play music, cook, read, and spend time outdoors.
Irene M Koutnik, BASc, RBT
Behavior Specialist/Operations Manager
Irene M Koutnik, is a Behavior Specialist and Operations Manager for Boulder Analysts, Llc. Irene obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology, with emphasis on Pre-Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, from Oregon Institute of Technology in June of 2014, where she studied under and taught Research Methods classes for Dr. Maria Lynn Kessler. Since that time, Irene has worn many hats throughout the field of Psychology. Irene has worked as a BACB Administrative Assistant, a Registered Behavior Technician- providing direct care ABA services, and as a Brain Center Counselor/Regional Manager. Irene is a Registered Behavior Technician, is Safety Care Certified, and has taken CPR/First Aid/Defensive Driving Trainings and QMAP trainings. Irene is extremely happy to be working for Boulder Analysts. Her favorite aspect of the job is not only being able to provide top notch services to those in need, but also, getting to work on Operations and the business needs of an ever growing company. Irene enjoys spending her time off hanging out with her lazy, but lovable, Alaskan Malamute; traveling the world, and trying new adventurous outdoor activities.
Tiffany Conway, M. SPED
Behavior Specialist
Tiffany Conway began her career as a Special Education Teacher at an ABA school for children with autism in San Diego. After moving to Denver in 2007 she worked in the public school setting as a Special Education Teacher and Program Coordinator, creating inclusive environments for all students through behavioral intervention and individualized programs. Tiffany has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and is currently finishing her coursework and supervision to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She joined our team in 2016 and works with a diverse group of clients, helping them maximize their success while supporting their community and caregivers. When not with clients, you can usually find Tiffany hiking or snowboarding in our beautiful mountains, cooking up a fun new recipe, playing with her adorable pup, or going on road trips with her husband.
Cierra Godwin, M. Ed
Behavior Specialist

Cierra graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in clinical psychology and a newly discovered passion for behavior analysis. Following graduation, she began working at Breakthrough Behavior in Orlando, Florida providing in-home ABA services. While there, she conducted functional behavior assessments, designed treatment plans and implemented a wide range of behavioral interventions. Cierra recently moved to Boulder, Colorado and finished her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. Currently, she is working toward becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and intends on producing research with adult individuals with special needs.

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Anna Likhacheva, M.Sc
Behavior Specialist
Having completed a Master of Science in Psychology at Moscow University of Psychology and Educational Science, I’m currently working on continuing my degree as Psychologist/ ABA Behavior Therapist. My main interest is helping groups, especially children, who are at a disadvantage, to not only cope but also be happy and thrive in society. It gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose to apply my knowledge and give my energy to help them lead better lives. My psychology work experience has included participation in a Russian government research program for the creation of an IQ screening test, aiming the future orientation of high school students. My previous employment at Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry as an Administrative Assistant allowed me to gain valuable experience communication with clients. My experience has seen me work with people of varying ages and cultural backgrounds, presenting with a diverse range of complaints and conditions. I am able to communicate effectively with clients and adapt my style and techniques according to individual needs and personalities. I enjoy the challenges of working with different people and find the work incredibly rewarding. For the time off I am enjoying skiing with my little daughter and teaching a dancing class in ballroom dancing to children 6 to 10 years old and I am having a fantastic time.


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Measurement of Behaviors means Tracking behavior is the greatest tool that behavior analysts use, and what sets them apart from other therapies. We continuously monitor our effectiveness by the measurable effects we have on our clients’ behavior. This involves intensive data collection, graphing and analysis of the results


Journal Applied Behavioral Analysis

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Journal Experimental Analysis Behavior

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior


  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board
    The BACB is an organization whose mission is to regulate and ensure the highest standards in the field of behavior analysis. Those they give the credential BCBA can be trusted to be highly educated and effective in helping teach and resolve behavior problems.
  • Essential for Living
    A functional skills curriculum, assessment, and skill tracking instrument for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities, including, but not limited to autism. It is especially useful for learners with limited communication repertoires, minimal daily living skills, or severe problem behavior.

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